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Orange Milk Show

Orange Milk and Secret Project Robot Present -


Velf aka Valeria Zaklinskaya’s music shifts between rave-like synth stabs, abstract club percussion, minimal arpeggio builds, and more meditative segments with ease, each element handled carefully and directly without overcrowding the instrumentation or editing things into oblivion. The track Everlasting Supernova, for example, flows naturally between distinct segments, starting with an almost Foodman-ish downtempo movement before evolving into sweeping synth pads and synthetic staccato strings.


Ryu Yoshikawa who perfectly encapsulates the frenetic hybrid sound of Japanese experimental music. I can listen to Sonorant on repeat without growing tired, it’s complex music that evolves with each listen without feeling overstuffed or unnecessarily burdened by too many notes. I’ll tell you from experience that’s a difficult balance to achieve. The music is rhythmic and features tenuous footwork connections, but to call it dance or club music would be misleading, it’s an exciting hybrid that’s still finding a place in the world.

Dok - S

Syusaku Deguchi creates bright, uplifting, sometimes frantic, intricate, thoughtful, and masterfully crafted electronic music.The feelings dok-s project elicits are often relegated to incidental or video game music (Katamari Damacy comes to mind).

Euglossine + No Carrier (Visuals)

Euglossine, aka Tristan Whitehill from Gainesville Florida. The album Sharp Time is a refinement and maturation of Whitehill’s explorations in synth, jazz, elevator, and fusion music, though previous album’s tongue-in-cheek moments are largely replaced by a focus on metallic sound design, intense composition, and darker synth pads to contrast Euglossine’s default airy modality. This contrast creates an anxious and contemplative undercurrent that paints each musical shift in vivid color and continuously propels the work forward. Taken as a whole, Sharp Time is a remarkable album of modern fusion that can viewed through many traditions without ever settling on one for too long.

Kazuya Suwa

Kazuya Suwa's work is unique, Lasers and squirts illuminate distant pink worlds of elastic physics!

Earlier Event: April 28